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  Technical Translation Services

Nowadays the volume of cooperation between domestic and foreign companies is growing rapidly. This increases the amount of information that is exchanged. Thus, technical translation services are becoming more popular on the market.

Technical translation has its own specific character, and the main features include the need for the most accurate description of technological processes, a competent translation of specific terms and an observance of an appropriate presentational style. The translation of technical documentation, including instructions for the use of hardware and software requires linguistic and professional competence. The translators at Global Translation Services possess all of these skills. Our translation competence combined with the excellent language skills of our specialists enable us to provide technical translation services in a highly professional manner.

Besides the basic requirements for translating technical texts, professional competence and expertise in the areas the technical documentation is related to a great importance. We employ translators with appropriate specialisation in technical translations - they are professional, experienced professional experts in the field. Many of our translators and editors are experts in various fields of production, so the technical translation provided by our company is performed by specialists who know the particular field in detail, not only in theory but also in practice. In order for the translations to comply with the particular terminology for further editing and proofreading of translations, we employ experts in relevant areas, starting with relevant professional specialisation and ending with specialists who possess scientific titles and degrees.

There is no distinction between important or less important information in translating technical literature and documentation and for this reason deviations from the strict standards of technical translation are completely unacceptable.


                                                     Main types of technical translation:

  • Translation of technical documentation, containing specific information related to various areas of          expertise. The peculiarity of this type of translation lies not only in translating individual words, phrases and sentences. The translator must take the specific topics of the particular translation into account for this is what determines the qualification of a technical translator in a particular field.

  • Translation of scientific and technical literature – performance of this serious work requires a lot of knowledge and acquired experience  since in this case the translator has to convey not only the precise meaning of texts, but also reflect the individual style used by the authors in the original text.

  • Translation of technical texts requires the precise use of terms without losing the general meaning. These may be translations on automotives, construction and other highly technical subjects. This type of translation has a very important feature - the translator should have a good comprehension of the topic being translated for sometimes technical terms do not have direct translations in the target language.

  • Translation of instructions for various devices and equipment as well as user manuals, guidelines for installation and repair of equipment requires outstanding language skills and the ability to express complicated things using simple expressions.

  • Translation of equipment catalogues is usually performed in close collaboration with the client for in most cases the translator must strictly follow internal glossaries and standards for translation and the formatting of documentation developed by the client.

We are ready to perform urgent translations of technical literature including translations of large volumes of texts without suspending your work routine due to absence of technical manuals and documentation in the source language.

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